by Jason Treuting



Year: 2006
Duration: 60:00
Instrumentation: Percussion Quartet


  1. June
  2. White
  3. Work Slow Life
  4. May
  5. September
  6. Go
  7. What the Hell
  8. Old
  9. Fire Escapes
  10. July
  11. March
  12. February

(NOTE: sheet music is only available for Volume I at this point. This price is for Volume I only. Stay tuned for Volume II, coming soon!)

Program Notes

amid the noise is a patient study of musical spaces, using a few meaningful quotes for material and structure.
Performing most of the music in amid the noise does not require great physical virtuosity. In fact, the process of preparing these pieces is as important as the end result: in the best case, it affects the performer’s aesthetic attitude. The performer must believe in the process, or at least be open to it.
The pieces in amid the noise are each made up of a few layers of the following: melody, harmony, drone, noise, and rhythm. In each of them, some elements are prescribed, but many are left open for the performer to explore.
The sheet music provides instructions on how to arrange these elements, as well as suggestions and guidelines to help the performer inhabit his or her space within the music. The last few pages contain an appendix, detailing the decisions that Jason and So Percussion have made when performing these pieces themselves.


amid the noise is the first piece that Jason wrote for a percussion group. There are 12 pieces that make up the set, and each was written to accompany, or be accompanied by, a short film created by Jason's sister, Jenise Treuting.
Today, only Volume I is available for purchase. Please stay tuned to Good Child Music's website and emails for information about Volume II, which should be available in the near future!!