Good Child Music offers remote recording services, so you can capture the highest quality audio and video in practically any location. Please see below for a full list of services.

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remote packages

audio package 1

• Includes a stereo recording and mix of your performance

• Starting at $600

audio package 2

• Includes a multi-channel recording and mix of your performance

• Starting at $1000

audio / video package 1

• Includes a stereo recording, mix and 1 camera video of your performance

• Starting at $850


• Includes a stereo recording, mix and video edited from 2 cameras

• Starting at $1,300

Create your own package using any of our a-la-carte services. No job is too small or too large! Please see below for a list of available services.

audio recording and post production

2-channel audio recording

We will capture a stereo recording of your performance or rehearsal. This is a great option when looking for that classical sound of your ensemble in a room, or when the streamlined documentation of your performance will suffice.

multi-channel audio recording

We will capture a multi-channel recording of your performance or rehearsal. A main stereo or LCR array will be used, as well as spot mics for sections and certain instruments. Configuration will be designed specifically for your ensemble and the venue. This option is great for those looking for more flexibility when it comes time to mix.

audio mix

We will mix your recording in our world-class recording studio, ensuring that the recording is well-balanced tonally and sonically and that the image is accurate and pleasing. If mixing a multi-channel recording, we’ll ensure that all mics are mixed together to get the best possible clarity, balance, and sound.

editing (2-channel or multi-channel)

If we recorded more than one event (e.g. dress rehearsal and performance, or two performances) we will edit between those recordings to create the best possible “performance.”

Unless we are producing your project (please contact us for details), typically we would deliver the audio to you, you choose the takes you’d like to use and provide us with a score and an edit decision list.

noise reduction

Capturing a noise-free recording in NYC can be challenging! Noises from outside the venue (sirens, horns, subway, etc.) or from the audience (coughs, chair squeaks, cell phones, doors closing, etc) can pollute your recording. While naturally-occurring sounds like this might not be problematic for your purposes, especially if you're just documenting the performance, it is possible for us to reduce and possibly even remove them. Egregious noises, as determined by our engineers, can be removed or reduced in our studio using professional noise reduction software.

audio mastering

We can master your audio to ensure that it sounds great in any environment, from earbuds to a great stereo system, and everything in between.

Additionally, if we master your audio, we can provide the following services:

• DDP Authoring: We will prepare a Disc Description Protocol (DDP), a format for specifying the content of optical discs, including CDs and DVDs. A DDP is commonly used for manufacturing of CDs. If you’re not creating a CD, you won’t need a DDP.

• MFiT: We will prepare Mastered for iTunes files for your project. This includes quality control listening through the entire project, and creating Mastered for iTunes files.

• Reference CDs: We will burn Reference CDs of your finished project.

video capture and post

video recording

We will provide a stationary video capture of your performance or rehearsal. We will also prepare the video for delivery to you as a high-resolution file.

video editing

We will edit your video, providing cuts between cameras or between events, creating professional transitions between all edits. Cuts between events will be based on your audio edit decision list.


We can provide additional lighting if necessary.


• All work will be done in-house by the GCM Team.

• All post will be done in our studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

• All audio and video will be delivered via direct download from our server.

• We can work anywhere, and are happy to travel! If your project will happen outside of the NYC area, please contact us below to discuss the project and get a quote.

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