by Jason Treuting


Program Notes

Extremes (from Imaginary City) for percussion quartet

Extremes is one movement of Imaginary City, an evening-length original work composed by the members of So Percussion. This single movement is just under four minutes-long, for four percussionists, all playing around one concert bass drum.

Imaginary City is a meditation on urban life and its sounds, architecture, light and color. It is a dialogue between So Percussion and video artist Jenise Treuting - a poetic exchange. Musical, visual, and theatrical elements combine into impressions of city life. The staged production of Imaginary City features direction by Pulitzer-nominated Director and Playwright Rinde Eckert, lighting by Aaron Copp, and sound design by Lawson White.

Imaginary City toured nationally in 2009, culminating in at four-night run at the BAM Next Wave Festival.



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Treuting - Extremes - Score - Physical
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