Why choose remote recording?

Recording in a studio is not always the best option. Sometimes its about the situation - performers giving their best performance in front of an audience or feeling distracted by the process of studio recording. Sometimes its about the sound of the location - capturing a performance in an acoustic space that inspires you or where your instrument sounds its best. Sometimes its about logistics - scheduling, travel or budget allow for a concert but not the extra days for a separate recording session.  

For these situations, Good Child Music offers remote / on-location audio and video recording services, allowing us to record you in any space, anywhere in the world. From your home to a great cathedral, in a club, or in the middle of a forrest… we can record you literally anywhere! 

We can record audio using world-class gear and microphones and capture video using one or multiple cameras, putting it all together in our studio so you have a great looking, great sounding HD video that can be published to YouTube, VEVO, etc, released on DVD, or simply used privately for promotion or archive purposes. 

Although you might choose remote recording over working in a studio for any number of reasons, a big motivation in offering remote recording is that we know how tight budgets are these days. Being able to video and record your concert or recital, for example, might make things possible for you that wouldn’t be otherwise. While none of our services will compromise quality, we’ve created options for every service that are affordable, and can fit within practically any budget. 

We’re offering a really wide range of services to meet the needs of everything from the most simple documentary recording to a more involved recording session for a commercial release. We’ve created a few sample projects as examples based on the most typical needs, but all the services are a la carte and can be combined in any configuration so that you get exactly what you need - nothing more, nothing less. 

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